Soups & Sweet for February 3rd

Thursday the 3rd marks the lunar new year.  In celebration the non-vegetarian soup of the week will be: Wonton Soup…ingredients are…homemade wontons (lean ground pork, cilantro, egg white, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, red pepper, scallions & soy sauce) simmered in a chicken broth flavored with soy sauce, ginger & garlic.  Soup is garnished with grated carrot and sliced scallions.  Bread will not be served with this soup.

13.00 quart

Moving into February the days are slowly starting to get longer!  This yummy soup is warming on a cold winter night but also provides a taste of warmer places.

Coconut Curried Winter Squash Soup…ingredients are butternut squash, canola oil, garlic, jalapeno pepper, fresh ginger, curry powder, veggie broth, coconut milk, lime and fresh cilantro.  Served with bread for dipping.

12. per quart

Sweet Treat: Peanut Butter chocolate Chip Cookies

1.75 cookie

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  1. We would like the squash soup. Thank you, Anne

  2. Heidi, the wonton soup was fantastic!!! Substantial but light and so yummy. The wontons were awesome too, not water-logged at all.

    • Thanks for the feedback Jennifer! I had it for dinner last night and for lunch again today & tend to agree!

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