Last Chance to Order!!!

If you want some really yummy veggie or organic beef chili delivered to your door on Thursday and maybe a sweet treat too…make sure to order by 6pm (or a bit later…)tomorrow, March 1st!

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Soups & Sweet Treat For 3.3.11

Due to customer demand the soups for this coming Thursday will not actually be soups but chili!  Nothing like a little spice, a little bean, a lot of veggies or organic ground beef to warm you up on these last days of winter!  It looks like Vermont may enter the record books with the 2nd snowiest February of all times.  Celebrate this wonderous occasion with a quart or two of chili, some crusty bread and a couple of  chewy chocolate cookies (also back due to customer demand)!

Beef & Black Bean Chili w/Chipotle & Garnishes…ingredients: black beans, tomatoes, chipotles in adobe sauce, organic lean ground beef, red onion, poblano peppers, chili powder, lime juice & cilantro.  Garnished with graded cheese, diced red onion in lime juice and fresh cilantro.  This chili has a slight, smoky kick from the chipotle.  This soup if GF…I have found a GF brand of Chipotle in Adobe.

13. per quart served with bread

Vegetarian Black Bean Chili…this in not your usual vegetarian chili, it is chock full of fresh flavors, freshly cooked black beans and a smoky kick from ancho chili powder.  Ingredients…black beans, cumin, mexican oregano, ancho chili powder, onions, garlic, tomatoes, poblano peppers, red, yellow & orange sweet peppers, corn & cilantro.  Garnished with grated cheese, diced red onion in lime juice and fresh cilantro.

13. per quart served with bread

Sweet Treat: Chewy Chocolate Cookies: A rich chocolate cookie with a crunchy exterior and a creamy chocolate interior.  Ingredients…sugar, unbleached flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, dark corn syrup, egg white, vanilla, butter, dark brown sugar & bittersweet chocolate.

$1.50 per cookie

***Orders due by 6 pm on Tuesday 3.1!

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Just a reminder that I will not be cooking vats and vats of soup this week!  My next soup delivery will be on Thursday, MARCH 3rd!  I will email and post the soups & sweet of the week on 2.25.11.

Many thanks to all of you that have ordered the past 6 weeks.  I am having tons of fun and hope that I have been able to brighten your Thursday evenings.  I love all the comments that have been provided.  If anyone  has a favorite soup, special request, special sweet please let me know…it may appear one of these weeks.

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Order By 6 PM Tonight!!!!

Do you want yummy chicken noodle soup delivered to your door Thrusday afternoon?  Or a creamy potato soup made with local potatoes and sharp vermont cheddar?  How about one or two carrot cake cupcakes with a tangy orange pineapple glaze?  Then place your order by 6 pm tonight and you don’t have to think about what’s for dinner Thursday night!

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Last Chance to Order!!!

Tom0rrow, 2.15.11 is your last chance to order if you want yummy homemade soup delivered to your door on Thrusday 2.17!  Check out this weeks offerings….

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Soups & Sweet Treat for 2.17.11

The theme of this weeks soup is comfort.  As we enter that time of winter when we start to wonder if it will ever end, our minds and bodies deserve warm, nourishing comfort food!

Chicken Soup is thought to have first been made in Russia where for centuries poultry was the only affordable protein source.  It is now one of the most well-know comfort foods in the world.  Researchers have found that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe sore throats and runny noses.  It is also believed that chicken soup works as a placebo on the body because it is prepared as a comfort food that warms the insides.  Hearty Chicken Soup w/Shells, Tomatoes & Zucchini…ingredients are: olive oil, chicken, onions, bay leaves, carrots, celery, zucchini, chopped tomatoes, fresh basil, baby shells, salt & pepper.  Garnished with freshly grated parmesan cheese & served w/crusty bread.

13. per quart

Potatoes are the world’s number one vegetable.  It is believed that the word potato stems from the corruption of the Indian name for the plant..patata or papa.  The simple Potato has nourished civilizations going as far back on the Incans.  It is thought that they made the first potato soup by drying them in the sun & then reconstituting them to make a thick and nutritious soup. Creamy Potato Soup w/ Homemade Croutons…ingredients are: olive oil, butter, onions, garlic, local russet potatoes, vegetable stock, bay leaves, local low-fat milk, a tiny touch of light cream & and a tiny touch of local cheddar cheese.  Served w/croutons and crusty bread.

12. per quart

Sweet Treat: Carrot Cake Cupcakes w/Orange Pineapple Glaze…ingredients: cake flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, eggs, milk, vanilla, sugar, brown sugar, canola oil, carrots & walnuts.  Glaze: pineapple juice, orange juice & confectioners sugar.

2. per cupcake

Note: I will be taking a soupcation the week of 2.21.11 to spend the winter vacation with my children.  A new post & email will go out on 2.25.11 with the soups & sweet treat for 3.3.11!

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Last Chance to Order!

You have until 6pm this evening to order yummy homemade soup…the soup will be delivered to your door or packaged for pick up Thursday afternoon.

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Soups & Sweet Treat For February 10, 2011

Albondigas Soup…Albondigas are meatballs and known to many as Mexican Soul Food.  While this soup has flourished into a Mexican Cultural favorite its roots date back to the 6th century when Islamic influence dominated Southwestern Europe.  Then in the 13th century the Spaniards conquered the region…from there albondigas made its way to Mexico by way of the conquistadors.  Due to its long history there are numerous variations of this soup.  The ingredients for my favorite version are…Plainfield ground turkey, onion, celery, green pepper, garlic, cumin, eggs, white rice, salt & pepper, olive oil, carrots, tomato, chicken stock, cilantro, and peas.  Served w/ Tortillas. 

13. per quart

I have been waiting  to do a beet soup!  In honor of the holiday of glitter and glue (Valentine’s Day) the vegetarian soup of the week will be Roasted Beet Borscht.   While not a “traditional” borscht it is still yummy and warm and will turn a lovely shade of pink with sour cream swirled in.  Ingredients are: local beets, salt & pepper, fresh thyme, onion, carrots, garlic, vegetable stock, red wine vinegar, honey, fresh dill.  Garnished w/grated apple in lemon juice, fresh dill and sour cream.  Served w/multigrain bread.  12. per quart

Sweet Treat…Coffee Crunch Bars…a crunchy dessert with coffee and toffee flavors.  Ingredients…flour, baking powder, salt, butter, dark brown sugar, instant espresso powder, almond extract, semisweet chocolate chips, and sliced almonds.

2. per bar

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