Soups & Sweet Treat 4.3.14

It is the last day of March!  Tomorrow we will wake up, the grass will be green, and tulips & daffodils will be blooming! April Fools!!

Pasta & Bean Soup:  onions, garlic, carrot, celery, veggie stock, tomatoes, chick peas, pinto beans, rosemary, elbow noodles, kosher salt & pepper.  Garnished w. grated parm  13. per quart served w. bread.  Vegetarian & Vegan (minus the cheese!)

Turkey Chili…a perfect antidote for damp, early spring weather!  Ingredients: local ground turkey,black beans, kidney beans, medley of peppers, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cumin, oregano, chili powder, lime, corn, kosher salt & pepper.  Garnished w. jack cheese & sourcream.  13. per quart served w. bread.  Gluten-Free.

Sweet Treat:  Brownie bites- 1. per treat

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Soups & Sweet Treat 3.27.14

This is the last soup Thursday of March.  It is spring, it is the end of March- why does it still feel like January?  Maybe a bowl of one of these soups will lift your spirits!

Thai Tofu w. Ginger & Coconut…I usually do this soup with chicken but decided it would be just as good with tofu.  This is a wonderfully full flavored soup!  Ingredients:  coconut oil, tofu, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, pinch or two of sugar, Thai curry paste, shallots, tomatoes, potatoes, coconut milk, Kaffir lime leaves, scallions, cilantro, & kosher salt.  13. per quart served w. bread.  Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten-Free

Spaghetti & Meatball Soup…YUM!  Ingredients:  Meatballs: local ground turkey, garlic, parsley, bread crumbs, basil, kosher salt & pepper.  Soup: tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, bay leaves, oregano, baby pasta, kosher salt & pepper.  13. per quart served w. bread

Sweet Treat:  Almond Butter Sandwich Cookies. 2. per cookie

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Soups & Sweet Treat 3.20.14

Thursday is the official first day of Spring and soup will REALLY officially be BACK!  Sorry about the snow day last week.   What a storm!  Snow, wind, cold, blue skies…I actually started to enjoy winter again.  On Thursday the snow can melt and the crocus can come up.  Time to start seeds and hope that words such as blizzard & artic blast no longer appear in the weather forecast!

I was going to simply re-post the soups from last week- then realized that by Thursday some of you maybe done with cabbage and all things St. Patrick’s- so I am offering different soups.

Happy Spring!

Lentil Rice Soup w. Spinach & Crispy Onions….caramelized onions add a wonderful depth of flavor & spinach adds a splash of green.  Ingredients:  onions, olive oil, kosher salt, ginger, garlic, cumin, bay leaf, veggie stock, brown basmati rice, red lentils, spinach, kosher salt & pepper.  Garnished w. mint & lime.  13. per quart served w. bread  Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten-Free

New England Fish Chowder…It has been a few years since I have done a fish chowder.  This is a light chowder NOT a stand your spoon in it chowder.  Ingredients:  butter, celery, carrots, onions, potatoes, cod or haddock (whatever is fresh & sustainable), clam juice, fresh thyme, bay leaf, kosher salt, pepper, fresh parsley.  13. per quart served w. bread.  Gluten-Free

Sweet Treat:  Lemon Bars- 2. a bar

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Soups & Sweet Treat 3.13.14

Soup is back!  After a long late winter hiatus I am eager to get back to what I love doing! 

Colcannon Soup…St. Patrick’s Day is on the way which means the markets are full of cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.  This soup combines these ingredients into a bowl full of yum that will warm you during the last (I hope) cold days of this LONG winter!  Ingredients:  bacon, onions, leeks, cabbage, garlic, flour, white wine, chicken broth, red potatoes, itty bit of heavy cream, scallions, kosher salt & pepper.  13. per quart served w. bread

Black-Eyed Pea & Kale Chili..earthy, smoky, and tasty!  Ingredients:  olive oil, onion, celery, garlic, tomatoes, black-eyed peas, veggie stock, chipotle in adobo, cumin, coriander, honey, dijon mustard, kale, kosher salt & pepper, monterey jack cheese.  13. per quart served w. bread.  Vegetarian, Vegan (minus cheese) & Gluten Free

Sweet Treat: Lemon Bars 2. a bar

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