Soups & Sweet Treat 1.28.16

Split Pea Soup…by special request!  You can tailor this soup to your needs! A hearty, peasant style Vegetarian version OR a hearty, peasant style MEATY version.  Just specify when ordering.  Ingredients:  canola oil, onions, celery, carrots, garlic, green split peas, veggie stock, fresh thyme, yukon gold potatoes, kosher salt, pepper, OPTIONAL THICK CUT LOCAL BACON.  13. per quart served w. bread, Gluten-Free, Vegan & Vegetarian (If specified)


Spinach, Feta & Toasted Pine Nut Soup…A luxurious soup reminiscent of spanakopita.  Ingredients:  butter, garlic, onions, celery, yukon gold potatoes, veggie stock, nutmeg, spinach, light cream, feta cheese, pine nuts, kosher salt & pepper.  Garnished w. pine nuts and extra feta.  13. per quart served w. bread, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian

Sweet Treat: Golden Cupcakes w. Chocolate Frosting 2. each

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Soups & Sweet Treat 1.21.16

Eggplant Parmesan Soup…This is one of my favorite soups.  I say that a lot- BUT- this one is pretty special.  The eggplant is roasted in the oven lending a slightly smoky flavor to the soup. Ingredients: eggplant, olive oil, garlic, onions, celery, stewed tomatoes, tomato juice, veggie stock, oregano, basil, croutons, Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt & pepper.  13. per quart garnished w. extra Parmesan cheese.  Vegetarian, Vegan (MINUS PARMESAN- a very good eggplant/tomato soup!)

Albondigas Soup a.k.a Mexican Meatball…super flavorful meatballs, chock full of fresh herbs and spices, floating in a broth studded with good for you veggies. Ingredients: Meatballs: local ground turkey, rice, cilantro, garlic, mint, oregano, cumin, kosher salt & pepper.  Soup: canola oil, onions, garlic, chicken stock, zucchini, carrots, yukon gold potatoes, tomatoes, cumin, kosher salt, pepper & fresh cilantro.  13. per quart garnished w. corn tortilla chips.  Gluten-Free

Sweet Treat: Oreos (freshly baked of course!) 2. per cookie

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Soups & Sweet Treat 1.14.16

Happy New Year to all!

Mushroom Barley Soup…a hearty, rich tasting soup…Ingredients: olive oil, garlic, onions, carrots, celery, mixed fresh mushrooms, dried porcini mushrooms, barley, veggie stock, red wine, tomato paste, fresh thyme, parsley, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt & pepper.  13. per quart served w. bread.  Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten-Free **** Please Specify and I will sub. Brown Rice for the Barley!!!

Classic Chicken Noodle…perfect soup for a cold January night! Ingredients: Homemade chicken stock, carrots, onions, celery, chicken, egg noodles, kosher salt, pepper & fresh parsley.  13. per quart served w. bread

Sweet Treat: Lemon Bars 2. each

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