Soups & Sweet Treat 9.6.18

Labor day has come and gone, that’s means it’s time for the soup pots to come down! What a summer- record heat, record humidity, not my favorite!  Tomorrow looks brutal BUT after that the air may change. I’m looking forward to cooler days, colder nights and softer light. This weeks soups take advantage of amazing late summer produce and can be enjoyed chilled, at room temp or heated.

Looking forward to a great season of soup!

Simple Corn Chowder…the amazing flavor from this corn chowder comes from using the cons of the fresh corn to make a quick stock. This soup is surprisingly just as delicious chilled as it is hot!  Ingredients: fresh local corn, bay leaf, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, pepper, butter, onions, garlic, potatoes, half and half, kosher salt, and garnished w sliced scallions. 13. Per quart served w bread  Vegetarian and Gluten -free

Gazpacho …a smooth version loaded with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers , peppers, and fresh herbs  Ingredients: bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, fresh oregano, onions, garlic, kosher salt, pepper, olive oil Garnisjed w. Fresh herbs and diced veggies  13. Per quart served w bread  vegetarian and vegan

sweet treat: chocolate chip pecan cookies  1.each  


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