Soups & Sweet Treat 1.3.13!!!!

It feels like I have been gone for a long time…a lot longer then two weeks.  Funny how this time of year can time warp me.  Add in over a foot of snow, kids on vacation, husband plowing and company- I start to forget what day of the week it is.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday.  As much as I look forward to the all the hubabaloo surrounding Christmas, I am always thankful when it is over.  Electronics were the gift of choice in our house.  My eldest daughter received an ipod touch & has discovered how to face time her cousin.  Cute, yet also a bit annoying- they still haven’t figured out that they don’t need to shout to be heard over the phone!  My youngest daughter received an old school tape recorder…the kind with the mini cassette and microphone.  I have been having fun spying on her recording herself!  My favorite gifts were two new cookbooks that I really, really wanted.  As great as iphones, computers, laptops etc. are, for me there is nothing quite like a new BOOK.  I love the way they smell, the shiny pictures that will soon be splattered with flour, eggs & oil.  And I like that my kids enjoy looking at them with me.  The best of both worlds.

Enough of my rambelings…Happy New Year to all.  The forecast for Thursday is the famous “ARCTIC BLAST”, so warm up with a quart or two of soup & a sweet treat!

Corn & Roasted Red Pepper Chowder…A sunny soup thickened w. arrow-root powder.  I add whole milk at the end- however, if you are vegan or just avoiding  dairy it tastes just as great without it!  Ingreidents:  Olive oil, onions, celery, carrots, garlic, Yukon golds, veggie stock, coriander, bay leaves, corn, arrow-root, PUREED roasted red peppers, cilantro, OPTIONAL whole milk, kosher salt and pepper.  13. per quart served w. bread.  Vegetarian & Vegan minus milk.

Sweet Potato, Chicken & Barley Soup….This is a really good, comforting chicken soup- perfect for a cold night!  Ingredients:  Olive oil, garlic, onion, celery, carrots, grated parsnips, barley, chicken stock, bay leaves, sweet potatoes, chicken, fresh dill, dash of balsamic, kosher salt & pepper.  13 per quart served w. bread.

Sweet Treat:  Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies- 1. per cookie 

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